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why partner with strawberry?

We believe in developing meaningful strategic relationships with distributors and partners. Our approach is to have a strong distribution channel and share in the success of our partners. 

Why do we care so much? When President John F. Kennedy visited Cape Canaveral to witness a rocket launch, it’s said that he greeted employees who were lined up and dressed in neatly-pressed white suits. He said to one, “Excuse me sir, what do you do here?” The employee replied, “I clean the toilets and the bathrooms for the facility.” When Kennedy questioned a second employee, who had the same exact job as the first, he answered, “I’m helping the U.S. get a man to the moon before the Russians!”

That’s a completely different way of thinking about your individual contribution to the success of the organization, and one I’m happy to say every single person at Strawberry strives for. We are assembling a team that doesn’t just give lip service to partner support, but takes ownership of our company-wide directive to do what’s right for our partners and their customers to help them with their own “moon shot” — whatever it may be.

A better partner experience

We’re making it as easy as possible for partners and their customers to do business with us in any way they please – high touch, self-service or a mix of both – so everyone in our orbit has an amazing experience. 

We offer industry-leading partner compensation (really, we do!) that includes evergreen residuals, lucrative commissions, aggressive SPIFFs, and creative revenue opportunities such as installation markups, hardware markups and residuals on hardware rentals.

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